1. it is easy to forget about the comfort

Background information/ Clinical situation(~1-2


As a Respiratory Therapist, one of our
responsibilities is to make sure that our patients are comfortable during their
end-of life care. Palliative care is defined as relieving patients who have a
terminal illness from physical and mental stress. During palliative care, we
attempt to treat the symptoms of the patient’s disease as there is no cure for

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Invasive mechanical ventilation can have several
complications such as barotrauma, volutrauma, muscle degeneration,
depression/anxiety and ventilator acquired pneumonia on adult end of life
patients. However, non-invasive ventilation can be a much more comfortable
alternative. If non-invasive ventilation is possible and causes less
complications, then perhaps we should lean more towards using it over invasive
ventilation on adult palliative patients.


2. The specific problem you want to address ( ~1 paragraph)


As a clinician it is our job to ensure that our
patients are as comfortable as they can be. With our busy schedules at the
hospitals, it is easy to forget about the comfort of our patient and that is
why I am going to research whether or not non-invasive ventilation is a more
comfortable and viable alternative to invasive ventilation for end of life care



3. Is this issue relevant? 
What do you hope to improve or change by looking into this topic? ( ~ 1

Throughout my career as a Respiratory Therapist, it is
inevitable that I will encounter palliative care patients. Handling anything to
do with ventilation is one of our primary responsibilities so the comfort of
these patients is also my concern. It is a part of my responsibility to ensure
they are cared for to the best of my ability, therefore their optimal comfort
is of my concern.





PART A2 – Develop a Searchable question




Formal PICO Question: In adult palliative patients,
is the use of non-invasive ventilation a more comfortable and viable
alternative to invasive ventilation?  


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