1. have different methods to cope. The last stage

1. Role playing is a technique in REBT where a client rehearses a
certain behavior, so they can see how they will feel and react in a situation
in an presumed environment. This is and excursive to help them get through the irrational
beliefs that are related to unwanted and uncomfortable feelings. Another exercise
is the Shame Attacking exercise which helps increase self acceptance and mature


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3. People that are delusional believe no matter what that they are real
even when there is evidence that proves them wrong. The most common theme of
delusion is “Delusions of control” which is when people think that someone or a
group is capable of controlling the thoughts of people which influences their
emotions and behavior.


5. First stage is alarm when
you are surprised or are threatened, your body will enter an alarm phase during
which your resistance to stress is getting temporarily blocked, and your
arousal gets high and your blood is diverted to your skeletal muscles to
prepare for the fight or flight. Another stage is resistance where your
body goes into a stage of augmented resistance. Your physiological arousal stays
higher than average, and you experience an outburst of stress hormones. During
the resistance period, people have different methods to cope. The last stage is
exhaustion where your body becomes more vulnerable to serious illnesses, and can  possibly cause damage that can’t be healed . selye
maintained that one result of this phase for some people is development of
diseases of adaptation, which includes asthma, ulcers, and high blood pressure



6. Bipolar disorder can cause serious changes
in your mood and your energy, and even the way you think. Bipolar disorder is more
serious than just a short-term good or bad mood, and these sequences of bipolar
disorder could possibly stay for long periods of times sometimes even months. Bipolar
disorder is nothing like any ordinary mood swings, and the mood changes of a bipolar
disorder are so strong that it can interfere with your everyday life and your ability
to function.


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