1. at least share her concerns with Boxer and

1. Why is the following sentence from paragraph two in Chapter VII ironic: “Out of spite, thehuman beings pretended not to believe that it was Snowball who had destroyed thewindmill”?It’s ironic because Snowball did not really destroy it-the storm did.2. How does the reader learn that the pigs know the windmill was destroyed in the stormbecause of poor planning?Because they build the wall 3 ft thick and 18 in was not strong enough before.3. Why is it so important for the animals to conceal their starvation from the human beings?There would be more rumors and it would mean farmers would have been right if they didnot conceal their starvation.4. Why do the hens start a rebellion?They start to rebel because they are forced to give up there eggs.5. After calling Snowball a traitor and claiming that he was in league with Mr. Jones fromthe beginning, the pigs have a difficult time convincing the other animals—particularlyBoxer—of the validity of their sudden claims about Snowball’s treacherous behavior atthe Battle of the Cowshed. How are the pigs eventually able to convince Boxer, andwhat do they claim in order to ensure no further questions will be asked? Considercommon propaganda techniques.6. Why does Napoleon convict four pigs of treason and kill them?To make sure the fear is still within the animals.7. How does Boxer react to the mass executions?Boxer doesn’t understand such a thing would happen on the farm.8. Clover is shocked at the events taking place at Animal Farm and believes that the placedoes not resemble the Utopia that Major and the other animals had initially envisioned.Instead, she recognizes that Animal Farm is driven by fear and terrible oppression. Whydoes Clover not speak out or at least share her concerns with Boxer and the otheranimals?Clover is afraid of what might happen because she lives in fear.9. Why are the animals forbidden to sing Beasts of England? What is the pigs’explanation? What is the true reason?They stop singing it because the rebellion is over and there is no need, I guess the truthis they don’t want more of a rebellion with Napoleon.Chapter VIII


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