1. an member. It shows not only is the

1. As per my opinion, happiness coaches are effective as the
are capable of minimizing the negative emotions experienced by the employees. They
are can raise the overall productivity of a company for which they are working
for.  The employees having bad experience
in their life think too much about it everywhere whether they are at home or at
workplace. A happy employee can contribute his/her best commitment to the job
assigned to him/her which affects the overall productivity and performance of the

Happiness is very subjective which cannot be seen or felt but
can be measured by comparing the output of a project. For instance, we can make
a comparison between coached and non-coached employees and see if there is any difference
between them. We can access the effectiveness of happiness coached by observing
how the employees interact with one another, whether they are smiley, or still

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I would absolutely like to welcome happiness training in my
workplace as many things have to be done in a small period of time as a result
of which most of the employees get frustrated, stressed and angry. They got a
feeling that they will be not able to do that work in given period of time. At that
time, happiness coach would be much appreciated. A happiness trainer can boost their
self confidence and teach them some ways to cope with problems and I believe,
when a person is in good mood and confident about him/herself, he/she is more likely
to nice and supportive to others and also do things faster.


3. Supervisor may only suggest a happiness coach for subordinate
when needed or when subordinate ask for that. If subordinate does not request
for that, then it is inappropriate for supervisor to suggest a happiness
trainer for the employee because the subordinate may view the supervisor’s
suggestion as a form of discrimination.

I think it would be ethically appropriate for a supervisor to
suggest a happiness coach for a subordinate if he saw that there was an issue
and the organization provided such support for workers. Given the company does
support such a thing in fact, I think the supervisor is obligated to provide
that information to an member. It shows not only is the supervisor concerned
with the employees happiness, it also shows it is a priority for the company by
highlighting a program already in place.


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