1.0 Gary Yap and Orange Tan Hui Tien. Although

1.0 IntroductionThe mass media that we choose is the TV.
Television was first introduced to the public since the early 1920s by the four
founding fathers Charles Jenkins, Phild Farnsworth, John Logie Baird and
Vladimir Zworykin.

Chak is a local food TV show series that serves out ideas on where to find
great food all over Malaysia. In the beginning of the series, it focuses more
on hawker food but later on in its more recent seasons, they also include
delights from restaurants and cafes that are recommended by the public or by
the food bloggers. Ho Chak was first started as a food magazine and later
remake as a TV programme by Media Prima Berhad and then aired on 8TV since
around 2006 till now. It is being broadcasted on every Sunday at 6 p.m.

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          The show is hosted by 2 hosts:
Gary Yap and Orange Tan Hui Tien. Although they have change a lot of different
hosts for this show throughout the years, Gary and Orange are the one who serve
as the host for this show currently. During the show, they will take the viewers
to around the country which is known to be a food lover’s heaven in search of
delicious local speciality such as Nyonya, Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines
as well as delectable deserts. In each episode, a different theme of food is
introduced to the viewers and the hosts will even sometimes match their outfits
with the episode’s theme to make it more interesting. Besides discovering the
wonderful variety that is available, the show also features food preparation
and compare ingredients and prices to give viewers ample of choices.

             In all
these years, the show goes from introducing hawker food or street food to
cuisines serve in restaurants and cafés that are recommended by the people and
now the show even elevated by introducing food from other countries. For
example, in the latest season, they do a series of 10 episodes in introducing
food in Japan and even promoting the destinations in Japan. With their gourmet
trips, Ho Chak has tells us countless of places that serves great food and
gives the viewers a handful of choices of where to eat next time.        
            ‘Ho Chak!’ has evolved from different
platforms over the years, evolving from the olden age to the digital age. Firstly,
‘Ho Chak!’ back then only had been broadcasted on 8TV. According to
Wikipedia.org, 8TV is a free-to-air television station based in Malaysia and
primarily targeting the Chinese audiences with their TV line ups consisting of dramas, sitcoms, and reality shows and was launched on 1 July 1995 as MetroVision. The TV series would have
a particular given show time for viewers back home to watch it and in case the
viewers have missed an episode, they have to patiently wait for the next
episode which may be inconvenient for some. In addition, advertisements back
then took up roughly a quarter to sometimes almost half the show giving the
viewers back at home a battle with patience when it came to waiting for the
advertisement of their favourite show to end.

from that, as technology evolves and getting more advance, ‘Ho Chak!’ has
expanded itself to various platforms out there. According to Wikipedia.org, the
first platform which the TV series has expanded to is Tonton.com and is
Malaysia’s first and largest video streaming service. Without
having the need of a television, Tonton allows viewers to stream live TV
channels on-the-go on the laptop, tablet or smartphone. TV shows can be
streamed at any time of the day and viewers can watch their desired TV shows
without the interruption of advertisements given that they have signed up for
certain packages for Tonton.

Last but not least, the TV series which started off with only the
television and on the Internet has now evolved itself to a much bigger and
broader platform. ‘Ho Chak!’ is now available on the two biggest app stores in
the world which are Google Play and Apple App Store. With ‘Ho Chak!’ available
on Google Play and the App store, its primary functions are to let users know
about nearby restaurants and eateries, have insights on places to eat, look through
a variety of restaurant information and to search and browse restaurants

2.1 Describe the sender of the message.

According to Richard
Nordquist, in the communication process, the sender is the individual who
initiates a message and is often called the communicator or source of
communication. After initiating the message, the sender transmits his or her
idea to some other entity. Based on the information above, the sender of the
message is the individual who hosts the programme. The host is the person who
hosts, narrates, or otherwise takes the main role in narrating or hosting
a television program. In this TV programme, there are two hosts namely
Gary Yap and Orange Tan. The two hosts who inform the viewers back home about
the best eateries around across Malaysia.                                                                                                        

By comparison, the producer Media
Prima cannot be the sender of the message because he or she is responsible for
the “financial and managerial aspects of making the film or broadcast”
(Wikipedia.org). Though the producer might have written or produced the message
and he or she does not send the message across to the audience. The message is
only in the written form and in a TV programme the messages have to verbally
communicated to the audience. A message which is written as a form of a
subtitle is otherwise meant to assist viewers who have difficulty comprehending
the spoken message delivered by the hosts because of language proficiency, the
speed of the spoken word or it might be a foreign language. As a result, the
person who actually conveys and delivers the message out to the viewers is the
host because he or she monopolises the show ‘Ho Chak!’ and is given the
responsibility in getting the message across to the audience.



2.2 Summarize the whole

According to Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media, 12th
Edition, the message defined as the actual physical product that the sender
wanted to send to the receiver.

           As mentioned, Ho Chak is a TV series programme
that introduces different kind of mouth-watering food and cuisines not just in
Malaysia but also other different countries to its viewers.
            The main message of this show is to let
audience knows more about delicious local cuisines, hawker food and street food
all around Malaysia. Aside from just introduces us to the food, they even try
to tell us about the culture and the origin of the cuisine or food. Sometimes,
they even tell us about their history and the background of it. Initially, it
focuses on local food from Nyonya, Malay, Indian and the Chinese. Later, they
even started to do episodes that introduces cuisine from other part of the
world such as the Western, Japanese, Korean and etc. Some of the places they
visited are even suggested by the people from internet or from the food
bloggers. During the show, they also give comments of how the food taste like
to give the viewers a better picture of it.

          Through this TV show, it also
gives the audiences idea of where to find delicious food all over Malaysia or
find to eat the specific type of food. Besides that, they also describe how the
food was prepared and showed some of the recipes if is there any available.
This show also leads the audiences to a better understanding of the cuisines as
they tell us about the history of it and the new recipes that they reform from
the older generations. They also offer viewers to the food location, prices of
the food and even sometimes their recipes.

 In conclusion,
it is a variety show that introduces people to the delicious food all over the
world but not just in Malaysia.   


2.3  Elaborate
the functions of the channel being used.
According to Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media,
12th Edition, the channel means that the ways the message travels to
receiver or the medium that is used to transfer the message.



Traditional Television

Television is an electronic device to receive
television broadcast or programming. TV considers as universal as almost
every household has a TV some even possessed more than one. TV has dominant
medium for news and entertainment and based on statistic TV is turn on for 8
hours per day. Through TV, people can watch a variety of programmes from
those which gives us information like the news or documentary shows or those
which entertains us like drama or variety shows. In this case, the gourmet
show “HO CHAK” uses television as a channel to introduce delicious cuisine to
audience. At the same time, TV help “HO CHAK” improve its rating and by promoting
our country’s food also won the audience’s favourite and support. In
addition, TV also allows the old generations who lack of internet knowledge
to watch the shows more easily and convenience.


The internet is a system that combines computers
from all over the world into one big computer that you can operate from your
own PC. One of them is world wide web is a network of information sources
incorporating hypertext that allows the user to link one piece of information
to another. Using internet, people can watch movies or series that they
desire regardless the time and location. By using this convenience, Ho Chak
allows it viewers to watch it on internet through “Tonton”. In addition to
downloading, people can watch videos and get the latest episode as soon as
they are available. Besides that, through the internet has builds a
harmonious relationship with audience, such as commenting or enquiring. Also,
it may be easier to retain the attention of target audience especially for
young generation audience, at the same time, it also can use the videos to
make announcements, share news and offer special deals.





2.4 Describes the receivers (target audience)
According to Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media,
12th Edition, the receiver is
 defined as the place the message arrived
or the target of the message.


Receiver/ Target Audience

Traditional Television

Originally, Ho Chak is a show that targets all
groups of audience from all age group. In traditional television, we
estimated that most of the audience who uses this channel to watch the
gourmet shows “HO CHAK” are most the middle-aged and the elderly. One of the
reason is because they are all lack of internet knowledge as they have no
smartphone or computer. Besides that, to them, through the TV to watch
gourmet show “HO CHAK” is good which may freshen your mood and it is good and
effective way of character characteristics or the information. In this busy
and expensive life, television is an easy and cheap source of entertainment,
and people can watch the international news, who are kept informed and
up-to-date with the breaking news around the world. Also, television gives
people especially those older generations easy access to all kinds of
information such as the news, latest drama series or cooking channels like
for example, Ho Chak, without access to the internet. Although it may not be
as up to date as the internet, it still considers as sufficient to most of
the people that cannot utilize the internet well.


Originally, Ho Chak is a show that targets all
groups of audience from all age group. In the internet, we assumed most of
the audience that uses this channel to watch this gourmet show “HO CHAK” online
are those from the younger group of audience, who usually want to have
control over when and where they watch has driven the trend away from
traditional television. The age group of the younger generation is around
18-35 years old, one of the reasons they are so attached to the internet is
because it has become an essential part of their lives as the internet provides
convenient ways for people to communicate, obtain new information and for
entertainment purposes. On the contrary, people who have less access to a
television will favour the internet more as it is easily accessible
regardless of the time and the place. Furthermore, some of the younger
generation who prefer the internet over television is because they get to
choose their favourite episodes of Ho Chak to watch without having to wait
for another week for next episode.



2.5  The feedback from the receivers on the

to Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass
Media, 12th Edition, the feedback means that the responses that
send back to the sender from the person who receive the message.
          During the interviews we did to
get the feedbacks from the receivers who watches Ho Chak, there are a few
questions asked to get the data that we wanted. From the questions, we
summarize it as below:

1) 40% of our interviews watches television frequently while the other 60%
seldom watches
    television nowadays.

100% of them or can be said as all of the interviewers they prefer to watch
channels like
    ntv7 or 8TV that mainly on Chinese
shows that those channel that are international.

100% of them or each of the interviewers watched Ho Chak on television before
but there
    is only 20% of the interviewers
watched Ho Chak through Tonton.com.

100% of the interviewers said that the show Ho Chak is mainly about introducing
    food to the viewers.

          From the data, we learned that
there are less people nowadays who still watches traditional television frequently
as last time. However, all of them have the experience of watching Ho Chak
before and the information that they get from the show is actually similar to
the messages that the show wanted to send to the viewer initially. From here,
we could conclude that the messages transfer from this TV programme to the
people are clear enough as there is no misunderstanding.


2.6  The Noise Interruption throughout the

Based on the people we interviewed with,
there are a few noises occur when they are watching the show, Ho Chak. The
noises given by the interviewers can be divided into 2 types. The mechanical noise
and the environmental noise.

a) The mechanical noise: problem with
machine that is being used in the    
     From the interviewers, we learned
that some of them encountered problems such as
     interference of the television
reception when it rains. Due to the rain, TV signals get
     jammed up and distorted to a point
where the display becomes pixelated or goes blank. 
     One of the people who we interviewed
who watched Ho Chak! gave us feedback that       
     when she watches Ho Chak! online on
Tonton, she encounters a handful of interruptions.   
      For example, when she watches Ho Chak!
online on her laptop, her show usually lags due
      to her internet connection not
being fast enough which results to the transmission of the
      message being not clear enough.

b) The environmental noise: sources of
noise that are external and interferes with the
     communication process.

the results we obtained, only 1 person from the 5 people who we interviewed
     us feedback that she has
disturbances when watching Ho Chak! on television such as her
     children running around the house
making noise and them asking her irrelevant questions 
     which interrupts her concentration
on her show.



          In conclusion, from the data we
collected, we strongly believe that watching Ho Chak! online is far more
preferable by viewers back home than watching it on television because it less
prone to disturbances such as interruptions of the signal when it rains or long
and draggy advertisements that make viewers back home impatiently wait for the
advertisements to end. On the contrary, viewers that use Tonton to watch Ho
Chak! gave far more better feedback because the show can be streamed at any
time of the day and viewers can also watch Ho Chak!  without the interruption of advertisements.
Moreover, by watching Ho Chak! online, viewers who missed one of the episodes
can easily track the episode back to watch it again without hassle, whereas if
viewers have missed an episode on television it will be a difficult task to
track back the episode and viewers again have to wait for the episode to
replay. All in all, we suggest viewers back home to try Tonton and see the
benefits which it offers rather than keeping their options small with just
watching it on the television because it costs just the same if you were to
subscribe for a television channel package and sometimes lesser than what you
have pay for a television channel package.



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