•An was recorded by police year ending June 2017,

•An amount of 511,319 domestic violence abuse against women
was recorded by police year ending June 2017, an increase of 18% from the
previous year. (Crime Survey of England and Wales, 2017)

•Less than six in ten victims (59%) are pleased with the
ending of their case against sexual or domestic abuse. (Stephen, 2014)

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•Research suggests that the strategies for spotting VAW are
antiquated and ineffective, consequently not adequate for enforcing the law.

•Overall there are a growing body of law enforcing agency,
such as; policy-makers, police, health and social service agencies, who have
devoted themselves to the particular role of VAW but still these sorts of
infractions keep rising from year to year.

•The argument of male coercive control of a female partner
has overpoweringly persisted even in contemporary police times. (Orr, 2007)

•Women’s movements are higher than ever , and with the rise
of feminism along with the strict rules towards VAW, these crimes will slowly
decline. (Heise 2015)


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