• and no doubt has resulted in creating numerous

•   How
do I resolve cross-cultural conflict among them?

•   What
is the best way to handle communication among the team who happens to come from
different Countries?

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•   How
will these people from different races interact on the project?

•   Do
I give a person an opportunity to work on my team?

•   How
do I interact effectively with people in my team?

Project Managers are faced with an enormous task of dealing with a lot of
people from different countries with varied colors, cultural beliefs, and
ideological/religious background coupled with different accents. Questions for
consideration by an average Project Manager regarding the team should be the

More than
ever before, the World is now a global village and there is a constant
migration of ideas, people and information across different geographical

literacy involves openness to change and flexibility.

Every day in
workplaces throughout the world, misunderstandings develop among different
people working for the same company and this is usually because of the way
people treat each other or interpret each other’s comment.



failures in the multicultural environment are high, which is attributable to
the additional complexity of managing cultural differences among multicultural
stakeholders. Bulk of project failures arise consequently because of inadequate

Today, our
society is so diverse, and no doubt has resulted in creating numerous problems
for an average project manager. Usually, the problem with verbal and nonverbal
communication within a team is not only caused by the reluctance of Project
Managers (PMs) to learn about the cultures of members of their team but also is
because of the “cultural arrogance” of people from different parts of the world
who found themselves in these countries and carry with them or loaded with
their own ideas, terminology, and ways of doing things and do not want to
respect the values of their adopted countries.

in project management in the 21st century is an issue that project managers
must focus their attention on to be successful. Thorough understanding of other
people from other countries that work with us is a challenge that almost all
project managers face daily. And this creates problem in management due to the
varied levels of misunderstanding. Instead of running away from this problem,
it must be viewed as a challenge or a positive thing and be embraced.

Every large
company or organization consists of people from all over the world. Project
teams comprising members from culturally diverse backgrounds bring fresh ideas
and new approaches to problem solving. The challenge, however, is that they
also introduce different understandings and expectations regarding team
dynamics and integration. The question becomes how a project manager can
effectively work and in?uence a multicultural project team, at the same time
being attentive to the diversity and creating the structure required for



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