· the same as the other subnets. However, it

Link model: 100BaseT
duplex link. This is used to represent an Ethernet medium with a data
transmission rate of 100 Mbps. The following are the combination of network
devices which can be connected together by using this link: hub, switch,
station and bridge. It cannot be used to connect a hub to another hub.

Link model: PPP DS1
duplex. This link model is used for connecting two IP based network devices.
PPP DS1 operates at a data transmission rate of 1.54 Mbps.

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Application definition
object: This configuration utility is used to specify applications whose
traffics will be generated in the network model. With this configuration
utility, the name of an application and its corresponding description can be
created. For

            instance, “Http
(Light Browsing)” is a specification of a web (Http) application      performing light browsing.

Profile definition object:
In order to generate network traffic for each application specified in the
network, the profile definition object is used. Profile definition object
allows users to create profiles for each application they specified in the
application definition object. Therefore to use this object, applications must
be created using the application definition object.

Failure recovery utility:
This object is used to mimic failure recovery scenario within a given network
topology. It has attributes that allow users to control the time and the status
of network objects such as links and nodes. The status of an object is either
“fail” or “recover”. Status is measured in seconds. Failure status indicates
when the object should fail while the recovery status is used to indicate when
the object should recover.

3.3 shows the internal infrastructure of the IT department subnet. The number
of network devices connected together in this subnet is the same as the other
subnets. However, it has five servers connected to the switch to support each
network application. These servers are database server, remote login server,
file server, http server, and email server. These servers are connected to the
switch using 100BaseT duplex link.



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