· the idea. ABC finance is fully aware that

The inception
of the idea: the first
in implementing a new HRIS is the inception of the idea. ABC finance is fully
aware that they need a new HRIS because of the current changes they are facing
in their environment both externally and internally such as increasing
globalization, new and innovative technologies, changing demographics and
demands of customers, increasing deregulation, and competition in the industry
have forced the firm to be more competitive by reducing costs and offering
innovative services. These changes have
made ABC finance realizes the importance of a new HRIS system because the old
HRIS system will only keep the company backward.

The next phase of the implementation
process in the planning phase. The aim of this stage is to figure out the scope
of the problems of ABC finance and consider solutions (Innovative architects,
2017). This phase is when specialist such as the project manager, steering
committee/project charter, and implementation team gather
requirements and analyze all the aspects of a future software product. The
developers should understand ABC finance requirements; identifying, what
exactly they want and what issues can occur in the implementation process. This
stage requires crucial communication between stakeholders, project team, and
users (ITJournal, 2014).

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System Analysis and Requirement: in this phase, business requirements are gathered. It also involves
prioritizing and documenting ABC finance HR information thoroughly. This phase
is the core focus of both the project managers and stakeholders. There
will be meeting held between the managers, stakeholders and any other relevant
committee that will be held in order to determine the requirements for example,
Who will operate the system? How will the system be used? What
information or data should be inputted into
the system, what data should be output by the system?  All these questions should be answered in the
requirement-gathering phase. After requirement gathering,
these requirements are analyzed for their validity and the possibility of
incorporating the requirements in the system to be developed is also studied (ISTQB, 2017).

Design: Based on the urgency ABC finance needs a to implement a system, a new
system must be designed. This phase is called system design. This is the most
important/crucial phase in the development of a new system. The design of the
new HRIS can occur in 2 stages: Logical and physical design (Kavanagh.
et al 2012). “The logical system design arrived at as
a result of system analysis and is converted into physical system design. In
the design phase, the SDLC process
continues to move from the “what” questions of the analysis
phase to the “how”. The logical design generated during
the analysis is turned into a physical
design – a detailed description of what is needed to solve original
problem”. Input, output, databases, forms, codification schemes and processing
specifications are drawn up in detail. Control process, data structure, documentation,
training, procedures for using the
system, taking backups and staffing requirement are also decided at this stage (NIOS,

Software implementation: When the understanding of system requirements and
specifications of ABC finance is achieved and finalized then the implementation
of the software will be initiated. This is the
actual construction process after having a complete and illustrated design for
the new system. When the system design document has been
received, the work is then divided into
modules/units and actual coding will start. The actual code is written here if ABC finance system contains hardware,
then this implementation stage will consist fine-tuning and configuration for
the hardware to reach certain requirements and functions. In this stage, the system is fit to be deployed and installed in ABC finance
premises, ready to become running, live and productive, training will be
required for end users to ensure that the system can be operated and to get
familiar with it (Alwan, 2015).


Maintenance: After the implementation of the new system in ABC Finance, the maintenance phase comes next. The periodic maintenance of
the new system will be carried out to ensure that the system won’t become outdated.
This maintenance will involve changing the old hardware and continuously assessing the new system’s performance, also
providing current updates for specific components to ensure it meets the accurate
standards and the newest technologies to defend itself against threats (Alwan,

1.      What are the
Major Challenges?

Change management:
A major challenge
ABC Finance is facing the ability to
manage change. After the restructuring of the organization, there was
little emphasis on managing the change issues during restructuring, and, as a
result, some of the areas in the business lines are still coming to terms with
the change and have become highly suspicious of new programs and initiatives
that emanate from corporate services and information services. Which makes the
flow of work inefficient.


Communication is very vital for
every organization. Getting everyone “Involved” plays a major role in the
growth of every company. Lack of communication is major challenge ABC Finance
is facing. The “head office” is too concerned with itself and does not take
into account the needs of other areas and locations. In the past, employees and
managers from various geographic locations have complained that the central
administration has done a poor job of including or consulting them when
decisions are being considered.  Also,
different functional departments within the firm have rarely collaborated with
each other to solve organizational issues. It is important that senior
management needs to keep lower employees involved and up to date.

Other challenges ABC finance
is facing is the internal and external changes in the organization. Externally:
increased globalization, new innovative and innovative technologies, changing demographics and demands of customers,
increasing deregulation and internally:
there is a shift from client focus to the
product over the past few years and there has been a movement toward
delivery of online services.




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